Geetanjali, a record label under the parent company Super Audio Madras Pvt. Ltd. is based in Chennai, South India. Founded by Mr. Navin Daswani in 1980, it was originally a music production company that catered to audiences of varied tastes.

Today, Geetanjali produces and distributes both audio and video content in a number of languages and formats. Our extensive audio catalogue is available on leading digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Gaana, Sawan, Apple Music and more while our video content is available on platforms like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Daily Motion, etc. and tv channels worldwide.


Movies, TV &
Digital Content Creation

At Geetanjali, we create original content for both adults and children. The kind of content that will entertain, engage and educate audiences across the ages. We believe in using only the best talent for all our content, be it audio or video. In our state-of-the-art studios, we create high quality content that brings alive forgotten stories, revives traditional folklore and music, teaches home remedies and ancient practices while also entertaining people with engaging characters, memorable musicians and exciting new artists.

Worldwide Online
Video Distribution

At Geetanjali, we also distribute our original content online on different platforms and channels to promote it. From kids’ content for various leading children’s television channels and online aggregators, to music videos and instructional videos hosted on a number of channels, thanks to a robust online distribution network, today Geetanjali’s content reaches an even wider audience.


Geetanjali’s original content is also available for licensing on different platforms and for television channels. We have partnered with a number of leading television channels and online aggregators who believe in high quality content to educate, inspire and entertain their audience.


Geetanjali is also a trusted source of credible content. As content aggregators, we are constantly in search of the best quality video content that is in line with the kind of content we create ourselves, that we can host and popularize on our channel. If you would like to collaborate with us or believe that your content is in sync with our ethos and would like to promote your original content, do contact us on the links provided below.


From spiritual to classical, meditational to devotional, from music therapy to children’s rhymes, Geetanjali has a host of audio content that caters to the tastes of different audiences. Our video content ranges from special interest videos to yoga videos, from instructional videos to meditational videos and a comprehensive collection of children’s videos including fables, stories, rhymes and educational videos. If you would like to engage with us, please find our contact details below.

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